Laboratory Technician

Reporting to Quality Control Technical Support Supervisor. Performs routine and standardized chemical , physical, mechanical testing and other laboratory tests following well defined written instructions and procedures for purposes such as quality control, process control , product development or determining conformity to specifications. In addition, prepares samples solutions and test panels preliminary required for testing of specimens and samples. Assists engineering in new process development.




  • Performs standardized chemical physical or mechanical tests in evaluation the parameters of baths involved in chemical processing
  • Analyzed the results and issues corrective action ( as required) in maintaining the solutions required parameters
  • Tests samples of manufactured products to verify conformity to corrosion resistance , coating mass and paint adhesion
  • Charge chemicals with the assistance of Anodizing/Special Process Operator
  • Maintains Lab Quality Management Systems Documents and Processes , as required


  • Produces needed equipment
  • Install,operate, maintain and calibrate various laboratory equipment , as required
  • Recognizes and , where applicable , corrects malfunctions of simple instruments and analytical procedures


  • Collects specimens or samples form appropriate sources (tanks) for analysis
  • Records which tests must be performed on specific samples
  • Prepares specimens and samples for analysis(identifies, labels and weighs samples)
  • Prepares laboratory reagents,solutions
  • Handles samples and materials with proper techniques
  • Cleans all tools and instruments
  • Maintains the laboratory in a neat and orderly fashion and free of recognizable hazards


  • Keeps computer and handwritten database information
  • Clerically logs samples including date, log number, time
  • Records test data and test results
  • Maintains records and prepares reports of test results
  • Calibration records , as required
  • Issues Quarantine Notifications where required


  • Review customer specification (e.g. applicable Customer standards, Military specifications ,etc.) to ensure compliance, and revise internal work instructions accordingly
  • Interprets and implements quality assurance standards , using quality tools such as trend analysis, Pareto analysis, etc
  • Provides training, as required
  • Helps in resolving issues, as required


  • Monitors applicable inventory levels and their shelf life
  • Orders materials and supplies as the stock becomes low


  • Supports the waste Water Treatment and Disposal systems , as required
  • Supports the development of Safe Work Practices
  • Supports New Projects Integration, as required
  • Other duties as assigned


  • Hold a diploma or degree in Chemistry , Chemical Engineering or have C.E.T designation experience and training.
  • Knowledge of environmental regulations.
  • Knowledge of chemical analysis and process analysis.


  • Minimum of 5 years experience as a Laboratory Technician.


  • Proficient in the use of MS Office and Project , and with databases.


  • Able to effectively communicate , maintain organized project records or files and to establish priorities and work independently.

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Position: Laboratory Technician

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