CNC Machine Operator Level 2

Responsible for production execution to ensure the schedule is accomplished every day observing all instructions for safety, quality, record control, machine verification checkup and administrative documentation.

  • Observe all the machine, equipment and tool instructions for proper use.
  • Observe all safety instructions or procedures and use of personnel protection equipment ( PPE).
  • Observe all quality instructions or procedures and the required measuring instruments.
  • Complete all the documents, records and controls at all times.
  • Keep production progress daily, with completion dates clearly marked visible to other production personnel.
  • Keep machine, tools, fixtures and measuring instruments safe, calibrated and in excellent condition.
  • Keep materials and parts under control, properly identified, classified or segregated at all times.
  • Keep all work areas and public areas (lunchroom, change room, washrooms) clean and well organized.
  • Ensure all verbal and written communications are clear, quick and accurate to all staff.
  • Ensure all inquires, questions, requests are responded clearly, quickly and accurately.
  • Participate and promote participation in projects and improvement ideas.

Knowledge: School courses credited in NC machining for lathes, mills or turn mills and/or 5 year minimum work experience on 4-5 axis machining; cutting tools and use/wear condition; speeds and feeds; machine set-up basics; position and off-set pages in NC programs; machine verification and maintenance checkup.

Skills: Excellent verbal and written communications, reading drawing dimensions and technical information,
use of tools, hand tools and measuring instruments; understanding team work, problem prevention and
problem solving. Also to operate a multi pallet system machine center.

Competencies: Highly motivated and driven towards goal achievement; respectful and discretionary attitude to personnel and personnel information; disciplined and organized; willing to share knowledge and learn from others.


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Cormer Group Industries Inc.
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Office: (204) 987 6400

Fax: (204) 988-3808

Email: careers@cormeraerospace.com

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Position: CNC Machine Operator Level 2

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Cormer Group Industries
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Date posted
August 20, 2018
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